Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Some days...

Some days I look hard at the skies,
They turn and fall before my eyes.
When lifeless ropes pull up my limbs,
I strain to work the simple things.

Why do we kneel in face of pride,
To work our way through fists and fights.
I hope the sky will take me whole,
Back to the place I built my home.

Not feeling very creative at the moment. I might go and search a little.

Todays thought...

Yea, like I said...


At 9:47 pm, Blogger Hannah said...

There was once a young man from leicester,
Who didnt give himself enough rest[er],
And so he got ill,
And was missed by quite a few,
At last weekends great Greenbelt fest[er]...

Ahem, yes well my limerick skills are clearly just as bad as yours :P

Dont go getting yourself ill again ok!! take care, and come back to berkhamsted soon or i'll forget what you look like!

Much love and hugs, Hannah


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