Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh gosh...

Where did all that time go? Christmas whizzed by, new years seems, well, about a year ago, and I find myself at the end of January. A trip to Scotland and Herefordshire and I landed myself with some horrible flu stuff just in time for getting back to work on some serious video projects. Oh Well. It's given me lots of time to read and think and pray so I think I am making the most of a fairy horrendous situation. My tip at the moment is practically written 'Blue Like Jazz' which obviously could only have been recommended to me by my brother. It describes itself as non religious thoughts on Christian Spirituality. I particularly like the part where the author meets Moses. Moses accuses him of being on crack. It's refreshing writing with a good hint of humor. Just to balance it all off I also got through the whole of the incredibly conservative 'Boy Meets Girl', partly for the comedy value, partly so I can lend it to somebody knowing what sort of mindset they will get out of it.

So what's next, well I would like to be back to work for Thursday, but my Mummy who is doing a wonderful job caring for me doesn't give me a hope of being back before next week. Lots more time for reading then. I would put up protest but she is an ex-nurse so who am I to argue.

Todays thought...

"Sometimes the heart should tell the mind to stay at home and stop interfering" (Monkton) - Discuss.


At 12:47 am, Blogger Webmonkey Jon said...

Hey man!

Hope you get over that flu crap soon, it's never a nice thing. The break will probably do you some good. I hope that UCCF have lent you some decent hardware to video-crunch on! I remember you trying to do it with your machine in Jarrom street.. If you ever need a donation of somthing semi-decent, let me know, cus im tryin to get rid of a LOT of techno-junk.. ( think i could build a good few new machines out of the pieces liein' around!

"Sometimes the heart should tell the mind to stay at home and stop interfering"

I've got to say, sometimes I totally agree with that statement. Sometimes you do things with heart, that seem stupid if you think hard about them. If people thought everything through totally rationally before they did it, there would be no random, or slighly impulsive people. Would make for a much more boring earth! I do have an example where it's not a good idea though.

Collegue - "I need you to drop what you're doing, and do this NOW"

Jon's head, after a 3 second consultaion with his brain.. - " It's going to have to wait until i'm finished here. Then i'll get on it. Sorry."

Jon's heart - " Sod off you cheeky bugger. Would it hurt to use some polite words for once, like bloody PLEASE!"

Summary. Heart good, head bad in 50% of situations. Getting it wrong every now and again, is a learning experience, and makes life interesting.

Keep it real brother, see you soon.



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