Thursday, November 17, 2005

Litmus test...

I believe that's what they call it. As far as I remember it was a test to see if an acid or an alkali was present in a solution, but it has widely become the term used to describe a test that establishes a future pattern or direction of behavior. So, what I outlined in my last post was obviously a litmus test. Having no comments probably means it was a little too much so I guess that's the last you will hear any of that side honest Phil - at least on his blog. I always thought face to face was best anyway!

So what else has been happening. Its been a good few weeks for the most part. Highlights have included Bonfire Night Weekend and a classical concert at De Montfort Hall, as well as endless swathes of time sitting in my front room chatting to my good buddies. Had a Houseparty to go on too, and that was quite funky. Got to know a few people and did a seminar which went down well.

Went to see Elijah (not in person) at Dorking with some good friends last weekend - that was pretty amazing. Never really heard much of that sort of thing but Mendelssohn definitely had his head screwed on. The music was triumphant and the words were amazing. All in all a fantastic event. All this classical and choral music - what next?

Anyhow hopefully Christmas will serve me well. I just love going home to my family and remembering the real meaning of Christmas with them. Dad always comes down the stairs and says 'Sorry, but Santa hasn't been this year'. That strikes me as quite a good thing. I don't really want an overweight ancient myth falling down my chimney, no doubt breaking our lovely fireplace as he goes. More to the point, I think its quite cruel 'saddling up' those poor reindeer and getting them to drive round all Christmas. Rumor has it that he doesn't actually bring any presents anyway. Where would the world be without Coca-Cola?

Thought for the Day...
A guy at work came into the loo the other day. I said hello while I was washing my hands. He said hello, then he froze. After a couple of seconds he said 'Sorry Phil, I am going into the little room [cubicle]. I don't like weeing in front of other guys'. What do you make of that?


At 5:16 pm, Blogger Nathan said...

Keep being honest mate! Write what you want to write! Just cos someone doesn't write a comment doesn't mean they haven't read it or enjoyed it. I'm glad your back and thinking about those poor reindeer. Keep up the good work. N

At 2:58 pm, Blogger Phil said...

Hmmm respect, quite a strong word isn't it? I find it moderately disturbing that you speak of the man as 'sexy' in the same breathe as critiquing his toiletry behaviour.

At 6:32 pm, Blogger rf said...

I for one, love your blog dude! Sorry for not posting - I shall, in future, encourage one's literary vertuosity with many superlative comments!

Mainly though, I wanted to thank you for the heads up on the 'word verification' thang! I've set it up, and hope it works.

However, who will read my blog appart from spammers? (who don't it...TAXI!)

At 10:32 pm, Blogger mallangong said...

Hey Phil, great to meet you the other week, and now to find that you're blogging. Keep up the good work on the blog front (see my post which, interestingly enough, only got one comment!). I'll be checking back and will endeavour to Encourage the Good!


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