Thursday, August 04, 2005

Its been a strange week...
I managed to struggle through the night shifts till Friday Night at 3am when my brother kindly took over. There was little incident apart from something thrown at the tent and a piece of fencing forced open. My reward on Saturday was an exuberantly priced trip to see Jamie Cullum at Audley End with some exceptionally good company. Jamie was great. He did insist on playing the piano with anything but his hands for the most part but hey, that's entertainment! His voice held out superbly too through the whole set. Have to watch out for more outdoor gigs like this next summer, 'twas very refined. Champers anyone?

Well that's the half of it. Next came my sis holiday club. It was astoundingly good. My sis is clearly very talented. I had to lead a handful of 12-16 year old girls (why?) doing stupendously difficult bible studies on stuff I didn't know. But it was fruitful anyway. Instead of ramming that down their throats in an irrelevant way I just answered them a load of questions on Christianity which was also tricky, but less so. Think I got away with most of it, I even think they learnt something - shock horror.

After a couple of days well earned break I had a wedding to go to, Matt and Katie to be precise. That was very exceptionally eye opening. It hit me. The whole 'what is going on'? I know that they are both very much in love with one another and that's great but for those who haven't got somebody like that where are they channeling all that love? Hopefully its not all going back to themselves cause that would be plain selfish, anyhow got me thinking where its all going. I am not sure about mine - maybe its slightly uncomfortable to be thinking about.

I would like to propose a test...

Todays Thought:
Rearrange these words into importance order and justify your answer. You have one lifetime.
a). Faith
b). Hope
c). Love


At 11:53 am, Blogger *Butterz* said...

hey there phil, tis me cindy again... hmmmm i dont think i can rearrange those three words into an order of preferance... they are all really important... i personally think that without one of those three the others would be pointless!!! well thats just my opinion!!! so it sounds like u had heaps of fun at the concert.... i wish i could go 2 a concert... i thik it would be awesome fun!!!! well yeah anyway i betta go now
much love

At 5:41 pm, Blogger Rach said...

1) Love
2) Faith
3) Hope

REASON: It's biblical! Love will never end and without love of God there can be no faith or hope. And faith produces hope, so that is why that is last but not really least.

Was good to see you on Sat. Good thing we are both in the same place next year. Will be good to get to know you properly :)

At 7:05 pm, Blogger Phil said...

Not exactly a lifetime is it! Maybe its all that simple...

At 3:36 am, Blogger *//* Joshwa *//* said...

Love first because love conqueres all............

by the way im friends with cindy....


At 11:37 pm, Blogger Webmonkey Jon said...

Hey Phil..

I know im not a fellow blogspot blogger, but i know you'll forgive me! (having laboured to create my own blog space!) - It's all good.... as the giggles on the homepage show that you are cool....
Anyway. I have to say...

1. Love
2. Faith
3. Hope.

I agree with my friend Rach. Biblical indeed. I cant add on what Rach said.. Its all good!

Love for a person, and for our God Jesus is unparralelled!
Faith HAS to follow from love. You can't have faith in somthing that you don't love and believe exists (otherwise you get a nice contradiction of terms!)

Hope im a bit more unsure on. I HOPE that Bolton Wanderers FC will will win the premiership this season, but i don't count it as a necessary thing in my life.. But i believe that hope has to be near to a person's soul.. You have to have something to hope and strive for!!

Rant over, peace out brother! God bless!

At 2:58 pm, Blogger rf said...

1) I love swiss roll,
2) I have faith that it's still within it's eat-by-date,
3) I hope there's enough for seconds, because I'm a fatty!

At 3:21 pm, Blogger rf said...

I see love like a torch in the dark. Say the angle of the beam is around 170 degrees, you could light up a huge area providing you were far away enough. But, say you wanted to examine a smaller area more closely; as you move towards it, the light would begin to concentrate on that area making it brighter than any other surrounding objects, yet the surrounding objects would still be partially illuminated.

Therefore, you could love a great number of people a little, or a smaller group of people a lot, depending on how close you're willing to get.

If you're asking where your love goes when you're not in a serious romantic relationship, it'd probably depend on where your torch is shining.

...or something like that..

Love, A Troubled Genious


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